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TOPradio II

Introducing TOPradio II: five brand new IDs and a Top of Hour for TOPradio in Belgium. These exciting new jingles are designed to capture the energy and spirit of our station, and to give our listeners an even more immersive listening experience. Whether you're tuning in for the latest hits, news or entertainment, these jingles will help to set the mood and keep you engaged. So, sit back, turn up the volume and get ready to experience the new sound of TOPradio.

  • basic ids
  • ramps
  • shotguns
  • rapid fires
  • falcons
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  • BASIC ID - ID01
  • BASIC ID - ID02
  • BASIC ID - ID03
  • BASIC ID - ID04
  • BASIC ID - ID05
5 IDs
Top of Hour

"At TOPradio, we swear by young and refreshing radio. After two years, rethinking and freshening up our imaging was long overdue. We were therefore looking for a partner who is completely in tune with our brand for the production of our new jingles. Their incredible amount of experience and their refreshing ideas which sparked our imagination as soon as we first got together with the team of Capital of Media, made our decision to work with them an obvious one."

Bram vanhee | TOPradio

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