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MAIN Energie is now Audax Renewables

MAIN Energie has officially changed its name to Audax Renewables. At Capital of Media, we are pleased to have contributed to this rebranding. From music composition to final mix, we took care of the entire process in our studios. The rebranding to Audax Renewables marks a new phase for the company, emphasizing their ambition to further grow in the business energy market.

Marina Lammers, Marketing Manager Audax Renewables: "We can say that our collaboration in creating a radio commercial was a great experience! The Capital of Media team is not only professional and takes initiative, but also very pleasant to work with and very enthusiastic. We were able to switch quickly and turn our ideas into a beautiful end result that exactly met our expectations. We were particularly impressed by the attention to detail and the care that was taken to create the perfect radio commercial. It was great to work together work and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a professional and fun collaboration to create audio.”

Listen to the radio commercial of Audax Renewables here.

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