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Dutch Formule 1 Magazine is the leading source of news and analysis for Formula 1 racing in the Netherlands for more than 25 years. In order to stay relevant in the constantly-evolving world of media, they also started a podcast a few years go.

Capital of Media was asked to create a completely new strong brand audio identity for the serie. We were commissioned to create a new theme for the Formula 1 magazine podcast called "Paddock Praat". The goal was to create a modern, exciting sound that would appeal to both long-time fans and new listeners. Capital of Media created a new theme that was upbeat, energetic and captured the excitement of Formula 1. They also found a talented voice actor who could bring that excitement to life for listeners.

Formule 1 Digital Editor Bas Holtkamp: "Listeners love the fresh, modern sound of the series, and the magazine's reputation as a leading source of Formula 1 news and analysis only grew stronger in the world of podcasting. We knew we had made the right choice: enthusiastic, cooperative and as fast as Max Verstappen, haha! We're very happy with the result!"

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